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A services page seems like a simple list of the things you offer your customers or clients. But it's a sales page - for YOU!

Your Services page tells your users that you have what they are looking for - or not. And that they are the person you serve - or not. It's a critical part of your customer's journey to working with you.

A great services page offers your customers a "menu" of options to work with you.


Here's a list of my top tips:

Provide critical information

*Title: Be clear about what you're offering

*Description: Describe your offer.

Include who it's for and who it's NOT for. Help your customers decide where they fit!

For example, if I see a list of different types of massage - deep tissue, Swedish, shiatsu, myofascial release - help! Which one do I pick? I can read about this one relaxes and that one does something else - but how do I know which one to choose?

With a description of who it is for - and who it is NOT for, if appropriate - you can help people say - "Yes, this is me. This is where I fit." If people can't SEE themselves with the transformation you offer, they won't buy!

*Pricing: If you have a set price, I recommend clearly listing it.

If you don't have a set price, then if possible, use a range instead of a minimum value for pricing, if you don't have set prices. Using a minimum can anchor the idea that the minimum is the price they will pay and can lead to unrealistic expectations.

If you don't list your prices on your website, clearly show what the next step is and how they can find out what the prices are. Something like: "Contact me for a custom quote" works!

*Call to action: Let users buy quickly.

If you allow them to purchase services on your page, have the buy buttons right there.

If you don't allow users to purchase on your site, have a button to call, email, or submit a form. Or a link to message you on your preferred social platform.

Let them take action as quickly as possible.

Add other relevant information

*Details: Some people (yeah, maybe me) want all the details, specifications, materials, and so on - any information you have that will let me get a clearer picture of the product or service.

*FAQ: you might have an FAQ to fill in the details about your service, but keep them short or use a website feature (like an accordion) that allows you to hide answers to keep the section more concise.

Or move the FAQ, if you have one, to the bottom of the page - below all the service listings.

*Graphics: Photos or images can be a powerful tool to help your customers understand the experience of what you are offering. Use visuals carefully to support your service listing - especially video or animation. It's a good idea to make sure each photo or graphic is critical to your message.

Design the page for your users

*If you offer multiple services, divide each one into clear sections, using visual cues like slight background differences or a divider. 

*If you have several types of offers, it can help your users if you divide the categories or types into sections. 

*Inexpensive services don't need as much explanation as more expensive offers do. However, being descriptive helps your users imagine themselves using your product or service, so provide enough details for them to share that vision.

Offer clear navigation

*Use on-page navigation to let people skip to the sections they want to go to if you have a long page with multiple sections. This feature is available on most website platforms.

*Make sure there is a whole-picture overview of what you offer and links to get to each page or section if you split your services or categories into multiple pages or sections.

*If you have multiple pages of services, make sure you don't end up with "orphan pages" where your users can't navigate easily to other pages or parts of the website.

Offer social proof

*Add a testimonial or two - just a short quote - in sections down through the page or at the bottom.

Let them know what to expect

*Show them the next steps. What happens if your visitor purchases a service? What are the steps that will happen, and how will it work? Let people know what to expect!

Add options for people who don't buy

*Include a "not ready yet" option for visitors to keep in touch - download a freebie, get on your email newsletter, follow you on social, or whatever the next step in your funnel is. Allowing visitors to join your audience will help you to stay in touch and nurture them - they might be ready to buy in the future!

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