A friendly, helpful, knowledgeable accountant's website.  Specifically designed to give her clients exactly what they need, quickly and easily.  Read more

An easy-to-use e-commerce site with a custom projects gallery, FAQ page, and contact page. Read more

A photography site for my Wyoming photos... Read more

A landing page for a custom sign business to let her customers know she is rebranding...  and a new website is coming soon!  Read more

A wellness blog offering allergy friendly food reviews.  Created with an appealing color palette and logo.  Read more

This logo was designed for a greenhouse and gifts business.  Read more

Happy Clients

Kerri, NY:

"I've been blogging for years and thought I knew what I was doing, but I think eventually everyone comes to a time when she realizes she's in over her head and has to ask for help so she can focus on what she's really good at rather than all the other stuff you just can't handle at the moment. That's where I was when I reached out to Appy Beemer, and I couldn't be happier with the results! Appy went out of her way to walk me through what I needed to know. Her kind, calm explanations got me unstuck and guided me to what I needed to do to get through the busy work. Appy freed me from the nitty gritty details of website building so I could concentrate on my passion and build my women's life coaching community. Thank you Appy!"

Debbie, NC:

"I love it love it love it! I have cold chills! It's gorgeous!"

Noaleen, WY:

"Thanks for all you do!"

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