Website Platforms: Webflow

Webflow graphic on a computer screen

Webflow sees itself as the website platform that allows you to design and build like a coder – without using code. It is a hosted website platform with all the options you could want. While that seems incredible, the tradeoff is a pretty steep learning curve. Who is it for? Webflow is for designers and…

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Website Platforms: Weebly

Weebly graphic on a computer screen

Weebly makes great starter websites. Square now owns it, so if you use Square for selling in person, Weebly is an easy way to add a website for your business. I would rank Weebly as the second-easiest platform to get a basic website up and running. Who is it for? Weebly is for people who…

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Website Platforms: Wix

Wix graphic on a computer screen

Wix is a classic all-in-one platform for basic to intermediate level websites. So it falls right in the middle of being a little more complex than the simplest platforms (because it offers more options) – and not quite as good as the more specialized or higher-level platforms.   For anything from single-page sites to classic 3-to-5…

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Website Platforms: Squarespace

Squarespace graphic on a computer screen

Squarespace is an all-in-one platform that’s a splendid choice for websites from standard to e-commerce and even dips very lightly into memberships and in-person sales. Moreover, the platform has made every effort for non-techy people to build attractive, well-designed sites that are easy to use. Who is it for? So, yes, this platform is an…

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Website Platforms: Thinkific

Thinkific graphic on a computer screen

Thinkific is an online course platform – it focuses on this one offering and does it well.   Who is it for? Thinkific is for people who want to make it their business to sell online courses. It offers slightly more advanced design options than some of the other online course website platforms. Who is it…

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Website Platforms: Teachable

Teachable graphic on a computer screen

Teachable is a beginner’s platform for selling online courses or memberships. While Teachable offers plenty of marketing tools, it is a specialized platform for building courses or memberships rather than an all-in-one tool for building funnels, creating pipelines, and managing customers. Who is it for? If you want to start selling online courses or memberships…

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Website Platforms: Showit

Showit graphic on a computer screen

Showit is a website page builder intended to build beautiful websites. It is also a gateway to WordPress, intended to keep you from dealing with hosting and most security issues. However, you don’t need to go through that gateway unless you want a blog, e-commerce, or other advanced features on your website. If all you…

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Website Platforms: Shopify

Shopify graphic on a computer screen

The Shopify platform is built for selling products online. Physical products are its foundation, but you can sell digital products using Shopify as well. In addition, it has shipping options, payment gateways, tax features, a built-in online store, and the ability to connect a POS for in-person selling. Who is it for? Shopify is for…

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Website Platforms: Kajabi

Kajabi graphic on a computer screen

The Kajabi platform is built for someone who wants to build an empire by selling information via courses, communities, memberships, and other info products. Its purpose is to automate your pipeline for you. Kajabi helps you get leads into your pipeline via forms, stay in touch with them via emails, sell them small products, and…

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Website Platforms: GoDaddy Builder

GoDaddy Builder graphic on a computer screen

GoDaddy Builder is an excellent platform for the most basic of websites. It’s arguably the fastest platform to set up because it offers the fewest choices.  GoDaddy has made an effort to step up its marketing game by offering integration with social media. They provide basic email marketing on the platform, too.   The GoDaddy Builder…

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