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12 month subscription to turn your website into an effective marketing tool

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Did you set up your website and call it done - only to realize it's not quite fulfilling its purpose as your most reliable marketing tool?

Your Website Buddy™ is a 12 month subscription - a full-year plan to support you in refreshing and updating your website. It includes monthly emails with bite-sized steps to take for the month + printables to keep you on task.


The cost? $97/year.


I built this subscription as a way to help DIYers keep up with their own websites and not get overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done to keep a website tuned up and working well.


After six years of helping people build their websites, I want to help them USE those websites to their full potential!


Your Website Buddy™ Features:

*I’ll pop into your inbox each month with a list of bite-sized steps to take for the month and a handy printable pdf.

*Occasionally, I’ll send additional emails for time-sensitive things. Those will be on an as-needed basis.

*Monthly Accountability Check-in


Areas covered:

  • taking a baseline backup of your site
  • reviewing your home, about, services, and contact pages
  • evaluating your navigation
  • checking your links
  • updating your calls to action
  • reviewing your social proof


Your Website Buddy™ is $97/year for the monthly (and extra) emails, printables, and accountability check-ins!

Your subscription renews yearly.


Who it's for: people who maintain their own websites to keep it up to date and working for their business.


Who it's NOT for:

  • People who hire someone else to maintain their site (although you could purchase these reminders for a VA to work on your website for you if you like)
  • People who are in the process of building their website - it's not designed to help you build your site because it takes a year to get through all the reminders. Check out the free Website Audit tips instead for resources you can access immediately.



14 Day money-back guarantee: cancel within 14 days and get a full refund!


There's an accountability check in survey for you to let me know how you're doing. You can use them to hold yourself accountable to getting your tasks done each month!

The surveys will be coming out soon and are included as part of your original fee, no extra charge.


Coming soon...  Your Website Buddy™ subscribers will be able to purchase 1:1 support for a discount! Check back for more information.



"I am loving these "Your Website Buddy" emails!

-Marquette, AZ

The Story of Your Website Buddy TM

woman in front of an old International truck

But where did this idea come from?

A couple months ago, I was in a @cowgirlsovercoffee Business Track strategy call, and the result of the discussion was an idea for a product that would remind you of what to do to keep your website up-to-date every month.

The idea behind Your Website Buddy is that -
if I could remind you what to do every month to refresh your site -
without you getting overwhelmed or trying to fix everything all at once -
it would be a win for everybody.

Your audience would be happier, you'd be less stressed, and the search engines would be more likely to show your site.

Your website could be the marketing tool you'd like it to be rather than a business card on the web.


For the DIYer keeping your website up-to-date:


Get a full year of support as you update your website content and turn your website into your best marketing tool


Monthly emails | Printable pdfs | Occasional audio rambles