Let's build a website that fits your microbusiness - and you

When I started building websites, I learned one platform to use.  I bought into the idea that it was best for "most people."

Then I saw people stuck in platforms that didn't serve them well.  They consulted a friend, asked a neighbor, even had a professional build something for them.  But what they ended up with was not working.

What I've learned is that each business needs a website that fits their business and their processes.

Since I usually work with microbusinesses or solopreneurs, the website needs to fit the person too.

If you're building your own site, updating content, or listing items for sale, you need the website that allows you to do that.

It can be the greatest platform but it won't serve you if you can't or don't use it.  It needs to fit your budget and your comfort level with technology as well as having the right features.

Now, I work with various platforms, because that's best for my clients.

Hi, I'm Appy.  I'd like to be your website partner

I'd like to help you build the website your business needs as well as the website YOU need to run your business and keep up with your website!

Some kinds words from my recent client:


"I finally have the website I didn't think I could have!"

- Mary F.

Website Coaching

Website coaching is personalized help for people with DIY Wix or WordPress websites.

With coaching, you get the answers you need without sifting through all.the.things.

Website Building

Design and development of your new website, or re-design and re-build of your current site.

We can build it together, or I can build it for you!

Available with WordPress or Wix.

Care Plans

Just wish someone would handle your website for you from now on?

Care plans are TLC for your website, every single month, from security to updates to backups.

WordPress Business Site Rebuild

Wix E-commerce Rebuild

New WordPress Website

Coaching: Online Course (In Progress)

WordPress E-commerce Rebuild

WordPress Photography Portfolio

In the words of a client:

Kerri, NY:

Appy went out of her way to walk me through what I needed to know. Her kind, calm explanations got me unstuck and guided me to what I needed to do to get through the busy work. Appy freed me from the nitty gritty details of website building so I could concentrate on my passion and build my women's life coaching community. Thank you Appy!"