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The About Page is one of the most visited pages on a website because people do business with people. Your visitors want to know who you are, if you can help them, AND if they can trust you enough to let you provide what they are looking for.

Your About Page should fit the rest of your website. If the rest of your website is formal, use a formal voice and format on your About Page too. On the other hand, use the same voice on your About Page if the rest of your website is friendly and quirky.

As you write or review your About Page, keep in mind the purpose of the page. It’s to tell your story… in a way that helps visitors learn more about you so they like and trust you.

So how do you balance what you share and what you don’t, being authentic and being likable, sharing your story but focusing on your audience?

It can be tricky!


I’ve developed a recipe for a great About Page:

  1. Equal parts:
    *who you are as it relates to what you can do for your audience
    *why you do what you do
  2. A splash of relevant experience
    Include credentials here, if they are relevant to your business and audience.
  3. A generous dollop of testimonials
    It seems odd, maybe, but this is a great place to use other people’s words about you to help you share about yourself. Remember, this isn’t a bragging wall – this is to help your audience understand how (and why) you can and want to help them.
  4. A smidgen of storytelling
    The stories of your business – how you started and why, how you’ve helped people, your favorite moments – use these BRIEFLY to share the story of your business. Just don’t forget that the specific stories should all contribute to the overall story you are building for your audience.
  5. A pinch of personality
    Make sure this fits your brand. If your business is formal, add a hobby or two so people can relate to you as a person. If your business is more casual, friendly, or quirky – use the same tone as the rest of your business when describing yourself and your experience. Don’t overshare about all the things, but let your personality shine through in your stories.
  6. A dash of “do this next”
    Even on your about page, have somewhere for people to go next to keep the relationship going. Have them sign up for your newsletter, go shopping on the shop page, or get in touch to schedule a consultation.
  7. For the “icing” – have great brand photos that fit the vibe of your brand. This is another great way to show some personality. Here’s a link to a post written by my brand photographer for some expert tips (scroll down, it’s the last section on the page).

Keep your About page design consistent with your Home Page and the rest of your website design. You can use the design tips in this blog post to make sure your page is user-friendly. And don’t forget your SEO! Here’s a blog post with some tips on that too.


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