My Story

Hi there, I'm Appy.

I consult with people to revise, optimize, train, and DIY their websites here at I Code Happy!

My mission

Helping small businesses get online is my mission!  I want you to have the website you need, that serves your customers or audience.

My background

I have a background in engineering and software development, so I'm used to figuring out how to make things work.  I'm trained to be thorough and get the details right.  I'll bring that same commitment to quality to your website project.

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My story

I started this business 6 years ago after helping my mom recover from surgery.  I came back home wanting to make sure that I had a career I could take with me to take care of my family whenever I needed.

My first client was a friend, and she had family connection build her a website.  It didn't work, didn't reflect her brand, AND - had cost her a lot of money.  I offered to fix it for free since I would be learning.

It was a WordPress e-commerce site, and was pretty much jumping in on the deep end. Since then, most of my clients have already had some experience with a website that didn't fit them or didn't work or both.

My purpose

So that's become my purpose - to help small business owners have the website that not only fits their business, but fits them too. And to use that website to its full potential for serving them in their business.

My quirks

When I'm not knee-deep in fonts and pixels, I am constantly trying to capture the perfect sunset photo and avoid the dishes.


I'd love to help with your website!


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