Website Audit Tips and Tools

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    Website Audit Tools

    At the time of this writing, almost every tool has a free version or plan, although some offer paid plans as well.

    Just make sure you don't get overwhelmed - concentrate on one thing, work on that, then move on to the next thing!

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    Accessibility tools help you make sure your site is usable for people who may not use your site in a traditional way.

    It starts as simply as making sure your text has enough contrast from the background color to be readable.

    Other tools can help you see if a color blind person could use your site effectively.

    There are tools for checking the accessibility of your site and a link to the accessibility guidelines as well.

    Accessibility checker:

    Colorblind filter:

    Color checker for accessible color contrast:

    Accessibility guidelines:

    Link Checkers

    Broken links are frustrating for your users, so here are two free tools to make sure you don't have any of those!

    Dead Link Checker:
    Ahrefs Broken Link Checker:

    Page speed testing

    Making sure your website loads quickly is critical to keeping your users on your site.  Use either of these tools to see how your site does on a speed test.

    Google Pagespeed Insights:

    Website review

    Hubspot offers great information and some free tools, including this website grader that gives you a high-level review of your site.

    Hubspot Website Grader:


    It's hard to improve something you aren't measuring.

    Analytics help you make sure your metrics are trending in the right direction.  Google offers free tools, while Fathom Analytics has a privacy-focused approach.

    Fathom Analytics (Privacy Focused):

    Google Analytics:

    Google Search Console:

    Search Engine Optimization

    Two of the industry's most popular companies offer free SEO tools! They can help you see where you can improve and get found easier with organic search.

    Moz free tools:
    Ahrefs free tools:

    Keyword Research

    Two keyword tools that can help you make sure your website content is on point for your audience.

    Keywords Everywhere:
    Answer the Public:


    Done-for-you Website Audit

    If you'd like me to audit your website for you, I can do that! Please click here to see my Website Audit pricing.