Why do you need a website?

Determining WHY you have a website and what you want it to do for you, your business, and your audience is critical.

I'm not here to tell you why you need a website, I want to help you figure out the specific reasons YOU and your business and audience need your website!

Once you understand what your website should do, you can update it to do those things more effectively.

For me, figuring out what I want my website to do is a little tricky. So here are some questions that have helped me figure out what the purpose of my website is.

Thinking about these questions can help you define the purpose of your website - what it should do for you, your business, your audience, and your customers or clients.


1. Why do you have a website? Keep asking why until you get to the deepest level you can.

2. What functions should your website perform?

3. What's most important about your site?

4. What's least important?

5. What vibe should your website have? Does that vibe fit your personality? Your brand?

6. What should it communicate about your business?

7. What kind of person would - or should - find your website helpful to them?

8. What solutions will it provide?

9. What roles does your site fill in your business:
-In your marketing?
-In your sales process?
-In your product or service delivery?
-In your admin tasks?

These questions may be challenging to answer, especially all at once. It might be useful to answer a few, think about it for a while, and keep coming back to them.

Also, every idea these questions inspire is one step closer to having your website work for you how you want it to. Coming back to them over time can just keep helping your website, your business, and your audience.


If you found these questions helpful, there's another series of questions about your audience in the next post!

How to serve your audience with your website


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