Building websites

Building your site

A website is the online hub of a business.  The Wix commercials make it look easy, but building a professional website, one that not only showcases your brand but also works well for your business, can be overwhelming.


Sometimes it's the tech, sometime's it's the design. And sometimes, you just don't have the time or interest.


Here at I Code Happy, we specialize in personalized service and building websites that fit our clients and their businesses.


So how does it work?


Step 1:

We start with a conversation. We'll talk about your project and see if we're a good fit. We'll talk about the project structure, the budget, and the time frame. We'll talk about what you need from a website for your business and your brand.


Step 2:

I'll put together a proposal for the project.  If we decide to work together, we'll sign a contract that protects us both. A portion of the website fee will be required as a down payment.


Step 3:

After we sign the contract, I'll need your content and any other information I request. When I have your content and information, I can start the design.


Step 4:

We'll design and build your site based on the proposed project plan.  At every milestone, we'll ask for your feedback to make sure we are going in the right direction. After the website is designed and built, we'll launch the site.


Other options: if you'd like training in how to manage your site or update your content, we can make that part of the project or add it on later.


Website costs:

What can you expect to pay for a website?

Custom website projects are usually $3,000 and up. Websites built from templates might be less.

E-commerce or other complex website features usually add to the cost.


Pricing options:

Payment plans or project phases are negotiable. Also, Wyoming residents may qualify for a local discount.

We'll discuss your budget and payment options during our initial conversation.


Sometimes you outgrow your website.  Whether you need more flexibility, or a more modern site, we can help.  There are also times that you need more functionality, or your website just doesn't fit you or your business.  Maybe we need to switch platforms to get a website that really works well.  We'll talk about it and figure out the right direction for your site - together.

Website Tips

Sometimes it is hard to know if someone is a good fit to work with or not.  You're welcome to hop over to Instagram, where I offer website tips and thoughts about websites, basic SEO and digital marketing.

Website process


Get Clear  magnifying glass icon

Who does your website serve?  What purpose will it fill?  What is the result we are looking for with this website project, and how will we go about achieving it?  We'll ask lots of questions to make sure that we understand what will make this a successful project.

Get Structure  workflow icon

We'll develop a sitemap and prototype first, based on the content of your site. This way we can make sure the structure of the website will fit the needs of the project and your business.

Get Building  hammer and wrench icon

Nuts and bolts alert! This is the design and development of the website.  You'll get to approve each phase and see it go from an idea to a finished project.

Get Going  hot air balloon icon

We'll launch the site, train you to use it, and let you get started on your new website life.  After this, it is time to implement marketing strategies, monitor traffic, and optimize your content.