Image Optimization Tutorial

Why we optimize images You’ve probably clicked on the link for a website — and then waited – and waited – and waited while the little spinning circle spun away in the middle of the screen. The website probably has lots of beautiful images on it – but by the time you can actually see…

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Hosted vs. Self-hosted Website Platforms

What is a hosted solution? A hosted solution is a website platform that includes website hosting as part of the fee. Hosting is where the files of your website live. Also known as website builders, some common examples are Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace. It’s convenient, but you may not have as much control. What is…

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Rusty’s Remuda Website Rebuild Project

Latest project: Re-designing the Rusty’s Remuda website “I love my website now. It’s the website I wanted and didn’t think I could have.” Mary, the creator of the Rusty’s Remuda Children’s Book series told me this on the phone as we finished her project. I never get tired of hearing those words, because it means…

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Design your website to fit your business

Case study: Designing a new site to replace an existing site, Part 1 Let’s design a useful website My latest client came to me wanting a website that would be simpler than the one she had. We designed her a simple site, but we made it useful, too. A website should serve the business it…

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7 reasons your website is worth its weight in gold

i code happy website worth balloons

More than marketing OK, so a website doesn’t weigh anything.  That doesn’t change the fact that your website is much more than just a marketing tool. Your website’s worth to your business will be as unique as your business.  Let’s dive in to the what your website does for your business. Here’s a summary video…

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Find your website why


Q: Help!  I need a website, but I don’t know where to start! A: First, find your website why. Why do you need a website? The best place to start is at the beginning – find your website why!  There’s a book called Start With Why, by Simon Sinek that talks about figuring out your purpose as a…

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Website Maintenance is Critical

woman working on a computer

Website Maintenance is Critical to Website Success From your house to your car to any kind of software, maintenance is required to keep things working the way they should.  Your website is no exception.  Regular website maintenance is the key to having a website that is ready and able to serve your customers, clients, or…

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