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UPDATED September 2022

Squarespace is an all-in-one platform that’s a splendid choice for websites from standard to e-commerce and even dips very lightly into memberships and in-person sales. Moreover, the platform has made every effort for non-techy people to build attractive, well-designed sites that are easy to use.

Who is it for?

This platform is an incredible tool for non-technical people who want to build their own websites but want more than a starter site.

Squarespace works well for standard business sites, portfolios, small blogs, small e-commerce stores, and even low-level membership sites.

It’s for people who want a sophisticated-looking website without all the tech requirements of the more advanced platforms.

Who is it not for?

As a hosted solution, Squarespace is not for people who want all the advanced technical features for their site, like hosting or advanced search engine optimization.

While giving users a fair amount of design flexibility, Squarespace can seem confining to people who are used to more options with other platforms. Highly specific, visually detailed brands may not be able to implement all the design elements they need.

Also, while Squarespace offers some integrations and extensions, it does not have an app store to extend the functionality of its websites.


With Squarespace, it’s easy to get a well-designed website by starting with a free or paid template. Then, with many types of content sections, you can add features to your website easily.

You can easily create a palette of your brand colors, use Google and Typekit fonts, and add a wide range of media.

While not the most flexible platform for design options, Squarespace makes up for it by making it easy to add sections and content to your website pages. They have also introduced a drag-and-drop design editor to make it easy to lay out your pages.

One design feature I am not crazy about is font sizing. There are serious limits in the new editor, and I find it frustrating but can mostly live with it.

Squarespace automatically optimizes your website for mobile, AND as of July 2022, it allows you to edit the mobile view of your site! I’ve found the mobile editor tool a bit buggy but easy to use. I love this new feature!

For e-commerce, marketing, and social media, Squarespace offers integrations and extensions rather than an app store. This way, you can access common tools like Mailchimp, PayPal, SoundCloud, or Printful.

Custom domains are allowed on all plans, and security certificates and hosting is provided.

E-commerce Features

You can sell products, services, subscriptions, or digital content.

Advanced e-commerce features included are discounts, inventory management, related products, and customizable forms for products. These tools make the Squarespace platform a solid choice for people who sell a few products in small online shops.

An optional POS feature allows you to connect a Square account and add a card reader to accept payments at your favorite craft fair or event for selling in person.

Multiple currencies, various payment methods, advanced shipping, and even accepting donations are available on the Squarespace platform.

For very limited memberships, Squarespace offers a members-only area. It allows you to put your content behind a paywall for exclusive access by your members but does not provide many other features for memberships. One thing you can do, however, is allow your customers to pay on a subscription basis.

Plans and costs

Plans for Squarespace websites range from $16 to $65 per month, depending on whether you pay monthly or annually and which level plan you select.

Four plan levels vary based on allowing e-commerce features such as products, transaction fees, analytics, point of sale, abandoned checkout emails, shipping options, subscriptions, and more. The lowest level is not suitable for e-commerce, but the other three levels offer some e-commerce features.


Squarespace is an all-in-one platform that allows non-techy people to build well-designed websites for their businesses. With a range of features from email marketing to e-commerce, most small businesses will find they can do what they need to on the platform.

I am impressed with their new design tools, including the mobile view editor, that they’ve rolled out recently (July 2022)!

Watch out for

Squarespace does not offer "the most" design flexibility, SEO options, or the ability to add a lot of custom functionality to your website. The all-in-one features of the platform offer some advanced features, but you may reach the limits quickly depending on your needs.

There are limits to the e-commerce feature’s flexibility, including a cap on the number of automatic sales tax calculations available in a year.


Squarespace is a solid mid-level website platform. With faster website speeds and better SEO options than some of the other beginner or intermediate website platforms, it can be the best option for people who do not want the technical hassles of higher-level platforms.

I like it even more now that it offers the ability to edit your mobile view!

Here’s the link to the Squarespace platform, if you’d like to explore it.
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