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Wix is a classic all-in-one platform for basic to intermediate level websites. So it falls right in the middle of being a little more complex than the simplest platforms (because it offers more options) - and not quite as good as the more specialized or higher-level platforms.  

For anything from single-page sites to classic 3-to-5 page websites to small e-commerce stores, blogs, or niche business sites – Wix can be a good choice for people who want a solid website without the technical hassle.

Since it's "all-in-one," – Wix offers website hosting, a builder for you to design your website, templates, email marketing, e-commerce, and a variety of custom modules for niche businesses like restaurants or hotels.

Beginners can easily build basic websites and small e-commerce stores, while more advanced users can build intermediate-level websites and even customize them with code.

Who is it for?

Wix is for the beginner-to-intermediate level user. It's a tremendous low-tech website building tool that offers a surprising amount of customization.  

It's perfect for the small business owner that wants to DIY her website.  

It's great for someone who wants some basic design options for her website without using code or complicated tech tools.

It's good for the small-to-mid-size business that wants to run a small blog or e-commerce store and wants some control over the site's design.

For people who want basic search engine optimization (SEO), design options, many features, and little tech complexity, Wix can be a solid choice.

Who is it not for?

Wix is not for people who want advanced technical control over their websites, like hosting.

It's also not for people who want to build large blogs, run large e-commerce stores, or develop e-courses.

It's not for people who want complete design control over their websites.

It's not for people who want advanced SEO.

Also, there are a couple of steps down to simpler, more basic website platforms, so it's not for the person who wants the most basic and simple website possible either. While Wix is pretty easy, there are still a lot of design options that can take time.  

Since it is an excellent mid-level platform, people who want either a high-level or a low-level platform may not be happy with Wix.


Wix offers an all-in-one website platform for the non-techy that does want to spend a little time designing her website.  

There are free and paid templates for all kinds of websites, or you can build your site from scratch using the website elements templates available.  

You can also start with a blank page and use their template blocks to create your site design. From media galleries to testimonial blocks to product carousels, Wix has many template blocks to choose from – and you can customize them as well.

Wix offers a surprising amount of design customization for a beginner-level platform. From colors to fonts to layouts, you can choose what you like. You can add custom fonts, AND you can even customize the mobile view of your website.

Search engine optimization is an area that Wix has been improving over the last few years. As a result, you have all the basic SEO features in Wix that you can use to promote your site.  

Although you have to be careful to choose quality apps, Wix boasts a large app store with many extensions for your website. In addition, custom domains and security are provided with the Wix website hosting and builder.

E-commerce features

Wix offers e-commerce and has expanded its capabilities recently to include specific types of businesses, such as hotels, service providers (booking), restaurants, and more. Recently they have added features for fitness professionals and artists.

While I wouldn't want to manage a large online store with Wix, especially if it was part of a brick-and-mortar store and shared inventory, for a smaller one, it works well.  

You have shipping options, automated sales tax options (depending on the subscription level), automated customer emails, a customer messaging platform, and more. On higher Wix subscriptions, you can even get more advanced e-commerce features like subscriptions, product reviews, multiple currencies, more video hours, and more.

Add in basic email marketing, analytics, an artificial-intelligence website builder assistant, and you've got a solid all-around website platform.

Plans and cost

Wix offers plans for standard websites and e-commerce websites. However, extra features or modules, such as email marketing with Ascend, run up the bill. Also, apps added from the app store can tack on subscription fees.  

There are four plan levels for Wix plans for standard websites, ranging in cost from $14 to $39/month, depending on what plan and whether you pay annually or monthly. These plans vary based on storage space for files and the number of video hours you have available as well.  

The range in costs for the e-commerce plans is $23 to $49 per month. Prices depend on what level plan and whether you pay annually or monthly. The three e-commerce plans differ based on the availability of automatic sales tax calculation, advanced shipping, and multiple currencies. Other variations include offering subscriptions, dropshipping, product reviews, and loyalty programs. 


Wix started with the idea of making it simple for people with no background in coding or design to build websites with all kinds of functionality. They've added tons of tools for commerce in various niches. 

You have a lot of control over your design and your site - with a tool that's almost as easy as pie.

The platform is constantly evolving to be handier for its users. They've added special modules for niche businesses, faster servers for better website speeds, and more SEO options. With a large selection of apps to add even more functionality, most people can build a site that works for them.

Watch out for

Wix is a great mid-level tool, but the websites are not the fastest out there. It will take some careful planning to get acceptable website speeds. Since you don't have control over the servers and most people don't mess with the code, those website speeds are pretty much out of your control except for image size and the number of apps running on your site.  

Also, Wix's SEO is still relatively basic despite their progress over the past couple of years. So it's still a good idea to think about which SEO features you will use on your website and make sure that Wix offers all of those options.

In addition, although the design options that Wix offers are more extensive than other platforms at the same level, there are still limitations. For example, Wix does not provide the ability to customize the tablet view of your website like more advanced platforms offer. Also, some of the elements do not scale to mobile view. Therefore, you have to work around these elements when customizing the mobile view.  

Finally, although there are many apps available to customize Wix sites, many of them are of questionable quality and introduce mediocre design or functionality to websites using them. Some could even compromise the security of the site.


Wix is a great all-around website platform. It has numerous features, attractive pricing, and an easy-to-use website builder. 

Beginners can feel comfortable building their first website, or mid-level users can get the extra website features they need for their small business. While you won't have many high-level features, the sheer number of features available, the customization options, and the lack of tech headaches makes Wix an appealing platform.

Here’s the link to the Wix platform, if you’d like to explore it.  

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