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The Kajabi platform is built for someone who wants to build an empire by selling information via courses, communities, memberships, and other info products. Its purpose is to automate your pipeline for you. Kajabi helps you get leads into your pipeline via forms, stay in touch with them via emails, sell them small products, and then upsell into more extensive courses or products as well. The customer pipeline from lead to customer and the steps in between is Kajabi’s specialty.

Who is it for?

If you want to build an empire by selling information via courses, coaching programs, communities, memberships, and other info products, Kajabi is an excellent choice. 

 High-ticket or high-volume businesses are especially likely to appreciate the number of tools available on the platform.  

In addition to allowing you to build digital products, Kajabi also offers email marketing, lead generation, customer management, product funnels, pipelines, automation, and more for the savvy online business owner. 

Who is it not for?

Kajabi is not for people who want advanced design or technical control over their website or course unless you want to do this via the code editor included at the highest-level plan.

Kajabi is a pricey option for people who want to sell a basic online course or membership program, especially if they are not high-ticket or high-volume products.


Kajabi wants to help you “monetize what you know” by helping you sell online courses or memberships. You can also offer coaching programs, build communities, send email newsletters, and market your podcast. Kajabi is all about helping you build your business around selling your knowledge.  

You can build your website and landing pages with their basic tools. They have free themes and templates as well as paid versions. On the highest level, you have access to code if you want to do even more customization.

Kajabi offers integrations with a handful of other online business tools for email marketing, lead management, and analytics. It also allows you to use Zapier to integrate with tools that don’t have specific integration capabilities within Kajabi. 

They offer Stripe and PayPal payment processors, and you can set up a variety of payment options as well, including recurring payments, upsells, and trial plans. Also, they do not charge a transaction fee in addition to the payment processing fee.

Kajabi has email marketing and a customer management tool right inside their platform, with various numbers of customers and emails allowed on each plan. So you can automate the triggers for emails and other parts of your pipeline to grow your business. 

With tags and notes available for personalizing the experience for your leads, you can keep track of your leads and their engagement and experience. Analytics is part of the platform, from customer engagement and progress to your website.

Communities are another strong point for Kajabi. Your customers can interact with you and with each other in these areas built for building relationships. In addition, Kajabi offers a mobile app to make it even easier in this age of mobile device dominance. 

Plans and Cost

Kajabi offers three plans ranging from $119 to $399 per month depending on your plan level and whether you pay annually or monthly. The lower plans limit the number of products, pipelines, contacts, websites, active members, and admin users. Higher-level plans increase the limits on each feature.

The mid-level plan offers advanced automation and allows you to set up an affiliate program. The highest-level plan also allows you to customize your website using a code editor.

All plans offer access to their training videos and give you access to chat support. Also, each plan provides templates, quizzes, surveys, automation, webinars, and events.  


The Kajabi platform is a solid choice for people looking for a home for their online course or membership business. Especially for high-ticket or high-volume online knowledge businesses such as courses, memberships, or coaching, having all the tools in one place can be a time and headache saver.  

Watch out for

As usual with all-in-one tools or platforms, the functionality of the tools may not be as advanced as specific tools for each purpose. 

While having so many tools on one platform is convenient, it may not be the best option for individual business needs. 

Deciding if Kajabi will meet enough of your business needs with the tools they offer is a question for each business. There are integrations offered, but again, the benefit of multiple platforms is a decision for each person to make.


Kajabi is an excellent platform for online courses, memberships, or coaching programs if you want that all-in-one experience. 

Although Kajabi is more pricey than other options, having many tools available in the platform for the various business needs may make sense, especially if you have a high-ticket or high-volume business selling your knowledge.  

Here's the link to the Kajabi platform, if you'd like to explore it.  

If you have questions about the Kajabi platform or other platforms, please get in touch or schedule a call.  


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