Tech Tool: Email sign-ups when offline

A client asked me about an offline form to collect email addresses while at an event (where the cell service is poor).

This is the tool I found and tested for her.

Why collect email addresses offline?

If you've ever been to a live event and wanted to collect email addresses from the people who talked to you, come to your booth, whatever. And maybe you have a QR code - and they can scan the QR code and sign up for your newsletter right there.

But what if you don't have good enough service for that to work very well? And they scan the QR code and it ends up circling forever. They can't sign up and they're frustrated and you're frustrated and that's no fun at all.

So this actually came out of a conversation that I had with a client of mine.  I researched this tool and I've tested it. And I want to share this with you because it seems pretty neat to me and I didn't know about it.

Tool Test: Sign Up Anywhere

It's called Sign Up Anywhere and you can go to and sign up for a free plan. That free plan gets you unlimited signups with one form up to five fields.

If you're just collecting email addresses at a live event, then that's probably all you need and you can download this form to your iPad (for example). Then you can collect emails while you don't have service and then you can take those emails and download them.

The email addresses get collected when you connect your iPad to the internet again or when you have service again, then it syncs with your dashboard.

You can download a CSV file, upload that into your email marketing platform and on you go.  And you don't have to type in 590 million emails from bad handwriting on little pieces of paper in a fishbowl.

How to edit your form

After you sign up with a free account, you can edit your form, up to 5 fields on the free plan.

You can edit the options on the form to add disclosure text and change the call to action on the sign-up button.

How to load the offline form on your device

When you have your form like you want it, you can click Share/Install, and then Offline Installation.

It will show you the steps for installing your offline form. I used my iPad to test it.

You can also email the steps to yourself so that you have a link to the form.

And you use these steps to save the form to your home screen and then you use the home screen button to load the form.

How to get your data from your offline form

And you can be offline. I tested that. I took my iPad off turned off Wi -Fi and added some test data to it.

And then when I connected the iPad to Wi -Fi again and went back to the dashboard, then I could see my test data. I can click download and it will just show me that I can download this information.

It will show you the data and then you can click download. You can download a file with your with your data in it and then upload those emails into your email marketing platform.

So this is a pretty neat tool. It seems to work pretty well just on the free plan in my testing. And it might be worth giving it a shot.

Demo Video Link

Here's a link to a demo video of setting up the form in Sign Up Anywhere and downloading the data.


Link to the tool


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