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Re-designed Wix home page

the postmarked pony website views
The Postmarked Pony

New WordPress Website

rock river radio project
Rock River Radio

Shopify Website and Store Re-design

the cadillac cowgirl website on various devices
The Cadillac Cowgirl

WordPress Business Website Re-design

horsepower solutions website
HorsePower Solutions

Wix E-commerce Rebuild

Rusty's Remuda Website
Rusty's Remuda

WordPress E-commerce Rebuild

country girls embroidery website image
Country Girls Embroidery

In the words of a client:

Kerri, NY:

Appy went out of her way to walk me through what I needed to know. Her kind, calm explanations got me unstuck and guided me to what I needed to do to get through the busy work. Appy freed me from the nitty gritty details of website building so I could concentrate on my passion and build my women's life coaching community. Thank you Appy!"

Do you need a Privacy Policy on your Website?

By Appy | September 26, 2023

*I’m not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. Also, I’m an affiliate for my favorite source. I get a commission if you purchase using my affiliate link or discount code. I use this source for my policies. First, what is a privacy policy? It’s a legal document that describes what information you collect…

Add Social Proof to Your Website to Increase Trust

By Appy | September 26, 2023

Part of your website’s job is to help visitors know, like, and trust you. Adding other people’s words to your site can increase that trust. Every part of your website should allow your relationship with your reader to develop. So the social proof we are talking about here, whether on your website or in another…

Connect your social media to your website

By Appy | September 20, 2023

One of the functions of your website is to connect all the pieces of your online presence. Having links to your social media can help your website visitors find and follow you in different places around the web.  Your website makes an effective hub for the rest of your social media channels and other places…

Your Website Buddy

Your Website Buddy™

Do you get overwhelmed by the thought of keeping up with your website?

Your Website Buddy™ is a full year plan to refresh all the parts of your website, delivered to your inbox each month with bite-sized steps.