HorsePower Solutions Re-design

The Client

Team Building.  With horses.  Sounds a whole lot more interesting than solving a group puzzle to me!

HorsePower Solutions is a unique business that offers "team building with the power of horses." The Franktown, Colorado business helps people learn to communicate better with other humans by learning to communicate with horses.

The team consists of two certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors who are also certified Equine Specialists for Mental Health and Learning, as well as a Leadership Education Advisor who is also a Special Forces veteran.

They have all the qualifications for team building, personal development, and leadership training... all with horses.

Elaine is one of the two certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors and Equine Specialists in Mental Health and Learning. I met Elaine at a retreat for women entrepreneurs in 2019, where we both tended to sit back and listen.

The group of entrepreneurs kept in touch over the next year, so Elaine and I kept meeting in Zoom calls.

When she reached out this summer about her website, I was excited to help.

Phase 1: Administrative Tools

We worked on the website in two phases.

First, they needed some administrative tools to help their client onboarding process.

We spent some time developing the procedure first, figuring out exactly how a client should move through the steps. The goal was to have a simple workflow for the business that was also easy for the clients to complete.

We added tools to make that happen, then did some training so Elaine could continue the system as she added workshop dates.

We used Jotform for a client intake form, and a Square checkout link for online payments. Jotform allows online signatures from multiple people, which is helpful.

These are basic tools that are fairly easy to use.  I was able to create training videos for Elaine to be able to add new workshop dates and links as needed.

Phase 2: Website Revision

Second, the website itself needed a refresh. We went through the site and made a list:

  • refresh the generic look of the site
  • fix the contact form
  • move critical information currently hidden in pdf documents
  • improve the mobile experience
  • work on the SEO
  • add calls to action
  • check accessibility
  • install analytics

Armed with our list, we set to work. We added photos, changed the home page, moved information to pages from the .pdf documents, re-organized the navigation menu, and of course, fixed the contact form.

Slowly, we checked off the rest of the things on our list, went through the site, and made more changes.

The Result:

The result is a website that reflects their brand and informs visitors about their unique abilities.

They've used the admin tools to onboard clients for one workshop and have a second planned already.

The site looks good on mobile, the contact form works, and the information is all on pages now. There are clear calls to action, and the first thing you see on the homepage is Elaine with a horse, her face lit up as she teaches a workshop.

That's my goal with any website project: if I can highlight the unique purpose and passion that my clients bring to their businesses and their clients, they can feel great about using it.

If I can let that passion shine in the website, and make it clear and easy to use in the bargain, then the people it was created for can find it, use it, and love it.

Since those people are my client's people, that makes them happy, my clients happy, and me - yep, happy too.

Check out their new website!  Or take a peek on the portfolio page.


Design Gallery: Screenshots of the new site

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