Website Security Pillar 5: Limit Access to your Site

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We made it to our final day of website security week! We’re talking about website security around here during this last week of Cyber Security Awareness Month.  Pillar 5: Limit access to your website One way to keep your website safe is to use team member or collaborator accounts to give other people access to…

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Website Security Pillar 4: Keep Good Backups

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We’re still talking about website security this week for Cyber Security Month this month. And we’re up to day 4! Pillar 4: Keep good backups Website backups are one of my soapboxes – and something I struggle with, just like everyone else. Backups for your website, though, are one of the most critical things you…

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Website Security Pillar 3: Keep Your Software Updated

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It’s day 3 of our website security series for this week, in tribute to Cyber Security Awareness month this month. Pillar 3: Keep your software updated Keeping your tools and equipment maintained is necessary no matter which business you’re in. Websites are no different – they need software updates on the regular. Some platforms update…

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Website Security Pillar 2: Develop Good Password Habits

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It’s Website Security Week around here, in honor of Cybersecurity month this month. We’re talking about the five pillars of website security, and today is the second pillar. Pillar 2: Develop good password habits Passwords are like flossing – everybody hates them, including me, and their pesky sidekick, two-factor or multi-factor authentication. But passwords and…

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Website Security Pillar 1: Know Your Information

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  October is Cybersecurity Month! This week we’ll talk about the Five Pillars of website security. Pillar 1: Know your information The first pillar is to know your information. Know where your website is hosted (or which platform it is built on). Know where your domain is registered and when it renews (more on this…

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