My Analytics Journey

Since my background is technical (engineering degree), I've always enjoyed the technical side of building websites - learning new platforms, troubleshooting issues, and getting different systems to talk to each other.

And yeah, a little coding along the way, although I'm not a developer by any means.


So as my clients started asking me -

What sold best in my store last quarter?
How much traffic is my website getting?
Why am I getting fewer sales on my website?

- I started wanting more answers for them.


I started looking into data - metrics and analytics for their websites and online stores.


At first, it was simple charts of website visitors, but I quickly realized they needed a bigger picture.


I'm still at an early stage of this journey, but I'm working on a white paper called: Metrics and Analytics: What story is your data telling you?


I plan to offer services and products that help small business owners understand their business and marketing data.


My grand vision?


*A complete picture of your business, from your business data to your website analytics to your social media metrics.

*An big-picture view that can help you make decisions without feeling like your head will split open from overwhelm and numbers.

*A concept that pulls together all the parts of your business so you can see how ALL of your data fits your purpose and goals.


A story of your business, created from your data, so you can take the next step.


This kind of data and story is available to large businesses with data operations teams and pricey tools.


I want to make this data, this picture, available to small business owners, so they can make better decisions about their precious resources.


Will it happen? I don't know.


I'm still learning, but I'd love to have you come along for the ride.