hot air balloon photo

Ok. Websites and balloons, what?

Balloons and websites

You may have noticed all my hot air balloons on the website.  They’re colorful and fun and make me smile, but there’s something else they remind me to think about.

The journey

A hot air balloon is all about the journey.  And so is a website.  An airplane is different – it’s about the destination – step on in snowy Colorado, step off on the beach in Hawaii, and head for the sunscreen.  But hot air balloons, and websites, are about the journey.  When you step in the basket of a hot air balloon or launch a website, you’re in for a ride!

The point…

A hot air balloonist has a lot to do.  Keep the fire going, adjust the level – not that high!, steer, keep the balloon in good condition, just to name a few.  What’s the point to all of it?

The whole purpose is to keep the balloon in the air and the folks in the basket safe.  With your website, it is easy to get overwhelmed.  There’s so much to do!  Publish content, post new products, update software, save a backup, install a security certificate, share on social media, write an email newsletter…  and the list goes on.

… is to serve your people

These are constant tasks that will always be needed as long as the website is active and you are trying to serve your customers, clients or audience.  Because that’s the whole point!  To serve your customers, prospects, clients, tribe, people, audience – to help them get what they need from your website and keep them safe while they’re there.

So keep focused!

This website journey, while it takes a lot to keep going, is incredibly rewarding when you are able to help your folks get what they need from your site.

Enjoy your journey!  Happy trails!

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