Slideshow videos

Slideshow videos help you tell your story.

What are slideshow videos?

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A slideshow video puts together photos, captions, and music, as well as short video clips into a promotional video for your business or organization.

Generally, you provide the photos, captions, and video clips, and I'll put them together and add music.

The slideshow is saved as a video file, an .mp4. This file can be posted on your website or social media channels.

Slideshow videos can do lots of different things.

A slideshow video of your photos can promote your brand by showcasing your latest projects or products.  Slideshows can be used for help files with step-by-step photos of a product being assembled or used.

A video can help people understand what your business does and what your brand stands for.  With behind the scenes photos, a slideshow video can give people a real glimpse of who you are.

How do you make a slideshow video?

You can provide the photos, captions, and video clips to me to compile into a video. You can specify colors and fonts that coordinate with your brand design. I'll use the fonts you specify, although custom fonts may require an extra fee. You can also send me your logo to add as a watermark on each slide.


I can select background music for you according to the feel or vibe you are looking for. The music I use is royalty-free music, either free or with a basic charge. Other options are available on request for an additional fee.

Stock photos and footage:

I can also provide stock photos and footage for you if you have a story or message for the video.


I can write captions for the photos and videos based on that story if you prefer. Both of these options will require an additional fee.


If you would like to provide a voice track, I can add that to the video if I can.

What does a slideshow video look like?

A new slideshow video!  I made one for my latest blog post - you can check it out here! (1:22 video)

Here are the links to some examples of slideshow videos that promote a brand or product:

Country Girls Embroidery Branding Video - 34 seconds, 10 slides
Custom Logo Embroidery Service Video - 24 seconds, 7 slides
Baby Gift Product Video - 24 seconds, 8 slides
Custom Logo Embroidery Service Video, Short - 11 seconds, 3 slides
Exclusive Hunting Embroidery Designs Video - 49 seconds, 11 slides
Custom Embroidery Demo Video - 29 seconds, 7 slides


15 second Video

$125 each
  • 5-15 second video
  • Great for Facebook or Instagram in-stream ads
  • 2-3 photos/slides
  • Slide limit includes intro and/or outro
  • Intro & Outro optional

1 minute Video

$325 each
  • 15-60 second video
  • Great for promotional videos
  • 10-12 photos/slides
  • Slide limit includes intro and/or outro
  • Intro & Outro optional

3 minute Video

$450 each
  • 1-3 minute video
  • Great for promotional or explainer videos
  • 30-40 photos/slides
  • Slide limit includes intro and/or outro
  • Intro & Outro optional
  • Perfect for including video clips

5 minute Video

$550 each
  • 3-5 minute video
  • Great for promotional or explainer videos
  • 40-60 photos/slides
  • Slide limit includes intro and/or outro
  • Intro & Outro optional
  • Perfect for including video clips

*Photos or slides require 4-6 seconds each, longer if the caption is long.

*Times are maximum - you can specify the length you want and I'll get it as close as I can.


Extra Cuts

If you order a Medium length video, I can give you a second cut for a fee.

For example, you order a 60-second video, but also want a 20-second version to post on other channels.

$50 per cut


If you would prefer, I can write captions for your slides or photos based on the purpose, story, and vibe of your video.

$50 per 12 slides

Photos or Footage

I can provide stock photos or footage, royalty free.  I'll use your video purpose, story, and vibe to find photos.  You can also give me a theme - like "hot air balloons".

$50 per 12 photos

(or 60 seconds of footage)


I will provide standard royalty-free background music created for publishing videos.  If you have specific needs for music, please talk to me.

custom quote

Do I really need captions?

An article at Digiday mentioned that the sound is off for 85% of Facebook video that people watch.  Captions are critical to telling your story.

How long are slideshow videos?

Slideshow videos vary in length depending on the purpose of the video. I offer video clips ranging from the 5-15 second tiny clip for Facebook ads to 5 minute promotional videos for your website. Longer videos may be available by request and for a custom fee.

Can I request changes to my video?

Yep! Each video comes with 2 rounds of revisions. I'll present a video to you, you can ask for changes. I'll make the changes in the video, present it to you. You can ask for a second set of revisions. I’ll make that set of changes and present it a final time. If it is still not what you want, we can discuss extra revisions for an additional fee.

Are slideshow videos really that useful?

Slideshow videos are powerful tools to get your message across, and captioned videos are critical when your customers have the sound off.  Your customers or audience literally want to see what you have to say to them.

Here's an article from HubSpot that says most marketers are using video these days, and most people want to see more video content from the brands and businesses they like or support. Sounds worth it to me!

I'm ready!

I'm ready to send you the information about my video!  I know what my purpose is, my story, my vibe, my colors, my fonts, and my music preference.

I have all my files ready to send, including my logo file.  My captions are written and ready for you to put in place.