Slideshow Video Questionnaire

Please fill out the questionnaire so I can get started on your video!  If you have questions, just let me know.

Files I will need for your video:

  • The photos/graphics (preferably .jpg format)
  • The captions (unless you want me to write them)
  • A file with your logo for the watermark.

For the logo file, a .png file with a transparent background would be best.

When the time comes, you can email them to me, or I can set up a Dropbox folder for your files.

Advertise, explain, product, etc
Hex codes are great!
No promises, but I'll try.
Fun, relaxing, informative, inspirational...
General background music descriptions like upbeat, rock, light, guitar, piano, soothing. If you have more specific requests, let me know.
If so, please describe it
If so, please describe it
Thank you!