Deborah Y. James, CPA, PA

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Note: Deborah Y. James, CPA, PA is not an active site anymore. She has closed her business and her website to pursue other opportunities.


My client, an accountant, wanted a new website.  She was unhappy with her website and with her website provider.

Her website was loaded with features she didn't like and her clients never used, like newsletters, tax guides, even weather articles.

She wanted something stripped down and simple, just a basic brochure site with her contact information.

What I did

I started asking questions.

Together, my client and I determined several support items that she could actually use to support her clients.

As an accountant, there are some links her clients ask for regularly, and having those items on her site would allow her to direct her clients there instead of sending emails.  There are also some links her clients request regularly that help her support them.

I designed a clean and pretty site specifically set up to support her clients.

And now?

My client loves the site and is excited to share it with her clients!

Note: While my client did love the site, she terminated it along with her business after two years.  She is pursuing other opportunities.