Consulting – Online Course In Progress

Online Course In Progress


My client is a life coach who is building an online course.

She asked a question on Facebook, and I answered.  I said if she had more questions she could send me a direct message, and she did.

After we connected on Facebook, she asked about doing work for her.  I offered to send her a quote, but we determined it would be a better fit if I coached her through building her own site.

What I did

We set up video chats to talk about specific questions that she had.  We worked through design, content, and strategy.

I helped her set up the plugins she will need for her membership and course site.

She has a full-time job and kids, so she has limited time.  When she sets a deadline for herself, I check in with her to make sure she is on track.

When we meet, she asks specific questions about how to change colors, format columns, or add links.  We've set up her email list and added a privacy policy.

And now?

This website and online course are still in progress.  She lets me know when she has questions, and hopes do her initial launch soon.  I expect to continue to help her build her course and community.

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