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A retired travel agent wanted a basic travel website to help her with her travel side business in retirement. She wanted something simple that wouldn't take much maintenance.

What I did

I created a website with gorgeous photos and a simple design, easy to navigate and use.  This site won't take much to maintain. 

It is a WordPress site with a free theme that allows the header photo to cover the whole top of the site.  The beautiful photo can get the attention it deserves, and you can imagine the gorgeous places you can go with the travel agent's help.

And now?

The travel agent decided she was getting enough leads by referral, and that she didn't need a website at this time. 

I keep the website on a sub-domain and ready if she ever needs it.  This is a good example of making sure that your tactics are in-line with your strategy, and that you are available to your customers in the way they need you to be.

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